It's only difficult if you don't have the right tools.

Drilling a cabochon, rocks or glass

Safety first:
Wear Eye Protection,
Ear Protection,
Tie your hair back if it is long,
Clothing should not be loose,
Electricity and Water don't mix; BE CAREFUL!
Rubber Gloves, Rubber mat or rubber sole shoes.
Warning: This is for information only, drill at your own risk

You need something to drill with, some use a dremel, some use flexshafts but I use a drill press.
Dish, plastic or glass, to hold water
Backing for the rock, I use a block of wood, some use hot glue and some use putty or clay
I highly recommend this product, I purchased it, I use it, it's small size is very convenient.
Good price too!

Without a drill press it is almost impossible to keep the drill bit from slipping off the rock, especially on a rounded surface like a cabochon and the bit will slip off metals also. (Why Amazon you ask, well I love free shipping!)
Tool Kits contain everything you need to get to work. They take the guesswork out of product selection, offer the best value, and feature smart tool combinations for specific applications. The 2230 Jewelers Kit has a Total Retail Value of $337. The motor and control carry a two year warranty. The kit contains these main components: * SR Motor - Foredom's new 1/6 hp, ball bearing, hang-up style motor with speed up to 18,000 rpm. This motor offers substantially more power than any of Foredom's older universal motors - 66% more than Series CC and 33% more than Series S and old SR motors. The All new SR operates in forward and reverse rotation for added versatility. * FCT Speed Control - this foot operated speed control has solid state electronics and comes in a heavy duty plastic housing with an extra wide design. * 30 Handpiece- This is our most popular general purpose handpiece. It features a 3-jaw, geared chuck with a 0-5/32" capacity. Accessory changes are easy with this handpiece using the supplied chuck key. The 30 is a member of the Foredom system of interchangeable handpieces. Kit also includes: * CK-0 Chuck key in molded plastic handle for changing accessories. * No. 11 Accessory Kit (this 43 pc. assortment of professional jewelers accessories has been completely revamped and now includes many of our newest items for metal working like Trizact bands, ScotchBrite EXL wheels, Metal Master wheels and rods, CW wheels and Platinum Blue and White compounds. * Rotating Bur and Tool Holder for 3/32" shank accessories. * Flexible shaft grease.
Many people like the dremel because of its versatility. Be sure you get one with a cord, battery operated dremels don't have the same power. If you are going to save yourself some stress get the dremel drill press accessory, it works great too.

You can use this drill press with a diamond tipped drill bit; very inexpensive. The contents of these bits has different sizes so you can make a little larger hole if you want.
Great for drilling 1.5mm holes in glass, stone, wood, and more Great for making 1.5mm holes for jewelry, including earrings, beads, and pendants U.S. Made - High Quality - Durable Pack of 10
Diamond Core Drill Bits

Setting a bowl on a metal surface can slip so I use this product. Black 20-Square-Feet of Liner, 12-Inch Wide Machine washable in warm water Non-slip grip surface Thicker than most shelf liners, so it's durable and lasts long. I use this for many different purposes. Great under a slippery rug too.

Please consider, if you have never drilled a stone or glass for that matter, use a practice piece first. Save yourself some aggravation
Buy good tools as well as good drill bits.
Things to be aware of when drilling stones or glass: Get Ready . . . Drill
If you don't use a drill press the drill may slip and move damaging the piece you are drilling.

Water may spray on equipment and you.

Let the drill do the work to avoid overheating or breaking the diamond drill bit. Depending on the hardness of the stone, it may take you about three to five minutes to get all the way through the stone, glass even longer. You Have To Be Patient.

You might want to consider investing in earplugs or ear protectors because it's a very noisy process.

If glass breaks it has sharp edges, rubber gloves will help protect fingers. Stones can break too!

If you drill straight through, you get "break out" on the other side
Remember: Good drill bits, light pressure, high speed, flowing water, patience and don't forget to use common sense and exercise safety.

Use a very gentle up/down motion as you work your way through the rock, allowing the water to circulate under and around the bit until the drill is completely through.

The water will start to get cloudy. If the drill is held in place for too long or the drill is too fast, the bit will overheat and the diamond pieces will start to flake off. A fine grit is starting to form, if necessary you may need to change your water if it gets thick.

You will know the drill is through the rock when you feel the change as the bit goes into the softer surface beneath. Be gentle, don't force to avoid a break out. Some stones are softer and break out isn't a problem. Agates are very hard and can break or have break out with too much pressure.
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